Cloud Storage & Online Backup Solutions

Spectrum Network Solutions offers its clientele reliable online backup solution. If your business is based in Milton Keynes and Buckingham, as well as Wembley, Park Royal and North London, our service is unrivalled. Whether you are looking for Cloud StorageOnline Backup or local Data Backup, we have a suitable and reliable solution.

We help you protect and keep your vital data files up-to-date with our online backup service. Our Online Backup service has been specifically designed to provide our clients with a convenient access to backup and security of their critical data.

We offer an array of backup solutions and services for our individual customers, small businesses and large enterprises. With an expertise to cater to the demands of online backup, we are a reliable, dedicated online backup solutions provider.

Desktop Backup Solutions

Businesses often overlook vital data being created and stored on the desktops or laptops of employees. Owing to increasing mobility, there are several employees who work away from their corporate network. We provide data security for these desktops and laptops by offering comprehensive backup solutions which safeguard your data while ensuring that you never lose those critical files.

Server Backup Solutions

Being a reputable and reliable online backup solutions company, we offer cloud backup solutions for both, physical and virtual servers. We ensure that all the critical data files on your server are protected and available for recovery whenever you need them. We offer the best cloud backup solutions and give our clients the flexibility to easily manage their backup on the cloud.

Online Backup Solutions for Small Business

We make it easier for the small businesses manage their data and ensure its security. We provide comprehensive backup solutions where we backup the data from the individual desktops, laptops and servers deployed in the different branches of your organisation. Our backup specialists perform incremental or other types of backups as required by your business while making all your data available during recovery. Our Cloud Storage solutions offer reliable and easier storage of your critical data files.

Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage?

The most basic cloud storage system is a single data server connected to the Internet. A client – that is, a computer subscribing to a cloud storage service – sends copies of its files over the Internet to the data server, which records the information. How and where the data is recorded is unknown to the end user. To access the cloud-stored data, the user accesses the remote cloud server through a Web-based interface. The server then either sends the files back to the client or allows the client to access and manipulate the files directly on the server.

Cloud Storage and Digital Preservation

Digital preservation concerns the management of digital content over time to ensure ongoing access. It can be defined as: “the series of managed activities necessary to ensure continued access to digital materials for as long as necessary, beyond the limits of media failure or technological and organisational change”

This definition emphasises both the technical and organisational challenges involved in Cloud storage can offer those involved in digital preservation several areas of potential and promise:

  • The flexibility of the cloud allows relatively rapid and low-cost testing and piloting of emerging service providers. There are already some pilot activities with these cloud services and opportunities for shared learning across the community
  • There is now much greater flexibility and more options in deployment of cloud storage services and therefore greater relevance to archives compared to earlier years (see Public, Community, Private and Hybrid clouds)
  • There are potential cost savings from easier procurement and economies of scale, particularly for smaller archives. These are important at a time of financial pressures
  • Cloud services can provide easy, automated replication to multiple locations and access to professionally managed digital storage; in addition, the specialists can add access to other dedicated tools, procedures, workflow and service agreements, tailored for digital preservation requirements.

The Importance of a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Proper data protection is crucial for any business, yet many businesses, especially small ones, are vulnerable to catastrophic data loss and lack a backup and recovery plan. Even worse, many businesses are unaware of their own susceptibility to data loss.

Losing critical data for your business is like losing a critical piece of yourself – you would never feel whole. That’s what it’s  like for your business after suffering some sort of data loss.

It doesn’t matter where or how data is stored, data storage systems fail, and they fail with a spectacular frequency.

What Can Cause Data Loss?

  • Human Error – accidental or unknowingly deletion of data, modification, or overwriting files
  • File Corruption – software error, viruses and malware infectionsHardware – drive failure, CPU failure, cooling system failure
  • Site-Related – natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, lightning strikes, or fires and even theft