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Cloud Storage & Online Backup Solutions

Cloud backup solutions to keep your data immutable and safe

Do you still use a built-in hard drive to store your sensitive data? There’s a high risk of losing everything within a few seconds. Your data may fall victim to extreme weather conditions, fire accidents or theft, not to mention hardware failures and human error. It’s time to leave your hard drive aside and use cloud backup storage to keep important data safe and ready to be recovered before downtime weighs on your business.  Spectrum Network Solutions specialises in developing future-oriented solutions for SMEs.  You can trust our online backup services delivered from our offices from our offices in London and Milton Keynes to shield your data from the risk of loss. By storing your data in the cloud, you can gain complete control over it while ensuring accessibility across all devices.  With granted permissions, you can authorise responsible teams to interact with sensitive data and keep it protected from others, wherever you are.

Prevent data loss with cloud backup services in Milton Keynes

When combining in-office and remote work, your employees usually switch between different devices. The loss of even a tiny part of critical information may result in a real catastrophe. If such a workplace model and perils sound familiar, more careful data protection with well-scheduled and secure online backups is of utmost importance.

To avoid reputational damage, critical data exposure and other risks, Spectrum Network Solutions can develop a full-fledged solution that works for you:

  • Desktop option. Chances are, tons of data are stored on PCs and laptops used by your team. Whether they access that data every day or once a month, your company’s data is out of control. But you can regain it by getting Spectrum Network Solutions to set up backups on-premises.
  • Server option. Whether you’re interested in a backup solution for a virtual or physical server, we can ensure heightened security and recoverability of lost data with cloud backups.

We can also deliver combined backup solutions for start-ups and small-scale businesses to keep your desktops and servers aligned with the best data storage practices.

Stop storing data on-premises

Gone are the days when you had to buy high-end enterprise software or external hard drives to keep your data partially secure on-premises. Cloud storage eliminates on-premises risks at a low cost while keeping your data at your fingertips. This is huge for the continuity of your operations and the security of your digital assets.

Spectrum Network Solutions can also act as a reliable cloud storage provider, taking care of all your digital preservation concerns. We have extensive computing and storage capacities that you can use for your business data. When setting up a cloud infrastructure with Spectrum Network Solutions, you will have many options for:

  • Accessibility and bandwidth
  • Storage space and costs
  • Synchronisation
  • Security and backups

We have varying best cloud storage uk plans for businesses. It’s up to you to decide on storage capacity, duration and backup frequency.Want to switch to online backup solutions integrated into the cloud infrastructure for your enterprise data? Contact us for the next step and migration assistance.

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