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Help Desk Outsourcing

Spectrum Network Solutions offers comprehensive Help Desk Outsourcing Services to its clients in the UK with our offices being based in London and Milton Keynes.

Outsource your customer service helpdesk with Spectrum Networks Solutions.

Our expertise in the IT & network support along with proven methodologies enables us to deliver unsurpassed help desk outsourcing solutions to our clients so that they can emphasise on their core business activities while we take care of all the help desk needs.

As the end-users continue to leverage the advanced technology, our support team provide the best-in-class help desk support services to resolve the end-user issues effectively and promptly.

Service desk outsourcing:

Helpdesk outsourcing to Spectrum Web ensures proactive and reactive technical support for our clients.

Through remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, Spectrum Web provides maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure smooth and continuous operations of servers, storage, endpoints and applications.

While some of this work is automated, many tasks still require human intervention – and today, client-facing interactions are often best handled by an outsourced help desk UK or outsourced service desk.

Our Outsource help desk service offers as the primary point of contact between employees and Spectrum Web, making us not only a critical piece of technology service delivery but also essential to employee support and satisfaction.

Your current IT staff are probably completely comfortable gaining remote access to systems, troubleshooting computing and networking problems, and implementing/updating tools and applications that keep the organisation’s IT functional and optimised. Challenges can arise, however, when personalised, one-on-one help is needed. Fielding calls, talking through remediation processes, logging tickets and standing ready at all hours can quickly exhaust your IT staff’s resources.

Outsourced help desk services

Unfortunately, help desk challenges today are only increasing. No longer are help desk calls lumped together during business hours, nor are they narrowly focused on desktop applications and connectivity issues. As businesses are increasing their adoption of mobile technologies, virtualisation, and a variety of Web and cloud-based applications, clients expect IT support to be available for multiple platforms and span a widening variety of issues – at any time, day or night. Providing broad, expert help desk support on a 24/7 basis is taxing, to say the least.

When it Comes to Providing Live Support for Customers,
There Are a Few Basic But Important Needs.

These include high availability in service hours, with staff working at least 12 hours per day, five days per week (if not 24/7). The help desk mechanisms must be flexible and scalable to accommodate growing multi-faceted services practices.

Moreover, support needs to be handled by trained, qualified technicians who are responsive and able to deliver consistent end-user satisfaction while employing best practices with regard to logging and managing service calls. All of this should be maintained by a centralised help desk system that is under continuous review for improvement and operates by the tenets of recognised process management and quality controls.

Help Desk Outsourcing: A Smart Alternative

Establishing and maintaining an in-house help desk is a tall order for some companies, particularly for those who lack the trained personnel and management systems required to deliver the kinds of call centre experiences today’s employees require. The answer for many is to offload this continuous effort and expense to qualified and experienced outsourced helpdesks that specialise in IT help desk support. Today’s help desk outsourcers are often employing services automation, remote management, cloud technologies, software-as-a-service and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based processes on behalf of their clients.

Help Desk Outsourcing enables companies to deliver world-class services while concentrating on core business and sales. There are numerous benefits to an organisation in outsourcing help desk operations:

Cost Reduction – A primary driver for outsourcing help desk functions is cost. Companies who entrust help and support desk services to Spectrum Web gain significant economies of scale. The help desk outsourcer invests in the tools, personnel, training and ongoing process improvements, and delivers these best-practice-based services for a reasonable recurring monthly fee.

In addition to the hard-cost savings, companies that engage help desk outsourcing typically see substantial soft-cost benefits. Process improvements, employed best practices and access to broader application and infrastructure skills by help desk professionals result in a reduction of repetitive incidents, and expand support capabilities to a larger array of technologies.

Enhanced Support – Organised support services from a reputable help desk provider rely on standardised processes following industry guidelines such as ITIL and Six Sigma. This ensures services are delivered in a high-quality and consistent manner across all locations and process improvements are built into incident management response. These outsourced services are available across multiple platforms – telephone, Web, chat, e-mail, SMS and other mobile devices.

Increased Scalability & Flexibility – IT needs fluctuate on a daily basis – your workforce doesn’t. The capacities of a help desk partner can scale with seasonal changes, incident-driven call volume and client-base growth. With Spectrum Web outsourced service, we can deliver support at any time and in a variety of languages, amplifying market impact and opening new avenues for expanding sales – without having to worry about hiring additional technicians or support staff.

What to Consider When Outsourcing Help Desk Operations:
In contrast to the benefits detailed above, many of the help desk services provided by outsourced helpdesk providers revolve around reactive incident management. The goal of seeking outsourced help desk alternatives should be to transition from a request-and-problem-focused system toward one that focuses on configuration and change management processes – which drive higher levels of employee performance and help reduce overall costs.

Some of the key considerations for companies looking to outsource help desk services are as follows:

Take the Time to Find the Right Partner – Bringing a trusted partner such as Spectrum Web on board to handle the needs of your workforce is neither fast nor easy. Significant documentation detailing how the help desk service will handle calls, what its processes are for logging and elevating calls, and how resolutions will be catalogued are just a few of the items on the pre-outsourcing must-have list. This vital documentation needs to be thorough, detailed and consider every possible scenario. Its creation can be time-consuming, but it will be time well spent.

Insist on Level 3 expertise – Most service providers can offer Level 1 and 2 support, but more complex issues may arise that require deeper expertise and insight from a Level 3 technician. It is not cost effective for companies to staff their help desks with Level 3 specialists, but the true industry leaders can seamlessly integrate their help desk to a Network Operations Center (NOC) where Level 3 technicians are always available. In this scenario, the service provider is responsible for maintaining a single point of contact which can coordinate all pending Level 3 issues with the NOC – and stay with the open ticket until the problem is resolved to the end user’s satisfaction.

Fine-tune the Service to Meet Your Needs – Fortunately, help desk services are no longer an all-or-nothing affair. Outsourced help desks can vary from simple call centres to robust IT response systems capable of actual maintenance actions. Additionally, the help desks can be available full time, or for smaller parts of the day, perhaps when your IT team is off duty.

If you opt for 24x7x365 coverage, be sure it’s actually “live” around-the-clock support. Some providers advertise 24×7, yet clients wind up leaving a message at 2 am with the promise of a call back later. Decide exactly what services are needed, and craft an agreement that best suits your business.

Adapt Processes as Needed – Some companies view help desk outsourcers as vendors who should bend to their will. However, many outsourcers have developed mature, proven processes and best practices through hard-won experience that can benefit the company. Outsourced helpdesk providers should be willing to adapt to the way clients interact with the help desk to optimise the experience for all.

Investigate Metrics – Find out how many calls and incidents each help desk technician fields in a day. Also, inquire about the tech schedule in terms of hours per shift, nights, weekends, holidays and vacations. In general, it’s good to know the outsourcer’s maximum phone line capacity and how it is prepared to handle surges in call volume due to events like system disruptions and applications upgrades.

Choosing an appropriate help desk model, be it in-house, outsourced, or some combination thereof depends on a great deal on the business plan and the resources of your organisation. For those companies who are questioning the sustainability of maintaining an in-house operation, the outsourced help desk delivers compelling advantages, including cost savings, advanced services processes and technologies, and the freedom to refocus your efforts on more strategic internal tasks.

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What we Offer?

Being a leading Help Desk Outsourcing Company, we proffer our clients a broad spectrum of services, facilitating technical assistance, remote IT support and other customer service needs. Our processes, technical understanding and people provide you with the necessary information for identifying the trends and serving our customers with the required services while addressing any queries they may have pertaining to the products or services. By providing your customers unmatched quality services, we help you focus on your core competencies while we take care of your customers’ assistance requisites. We ensure that our customer support executives not just satisfy, but exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

We offer the best Help Desk Outsourcing services to our clients while enabling them to gain an edge over their competitors. Some of the differentiating features of our help desk support include:

  • Combining agility and flexibility with global delivery capabilities
  • Creating value with multi-language and unparalleled support facilitated by advanced tools and proven processes
  • Reducing overall costs by increasingly leveraging the self-service capabilities and remote support services
  • Leveraging the industry best practices and ensuring consistency in the services to deliver the best results and enhance customer satisfaction

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