Spectrum Network Solutions offers unmatched office Relocation Services to its clients in Milton Keynes and Buckingham, as well as Wembley, Park Royal and North London. If you are Relocating your Business and IT infrastructure, we can provide you with the apt support required for making the shift and ensuring continued operations from the new location. We ensure smooth transitioning from one location to another while ensuring minimum impact on your organisational operations and processes.

Fully bonded and insured, Spectrum helps its clients address the typical challenges encountered during office relocation and ensure a seamless relocation with minimal disruption in the organisation’s operations. We ensure that our clients experience minimal relocation impact and we work diligently minimise the issues which arise from this disruptive and stressful process.

Let us help you with your IT Relocation Services

When you are relocating your business, we can provide a broad array of services which ensure hassle-free relocation of your IT infrastructure and data centres. Our business relocation services subsume:

  • IT Infrastructure Audit
  • New Office Site Survey
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Packaging and Logistics Coordination
  • Infrastructure Testing
  • Configuration and Installation At New Site

Why Choose Us?

When you are relocating your IT infrastructure, we offer unsurpassed services and make your infrastructure operational at the new official site within the shortest span of time. Our expertise and experience in all the aspects of IT infrastructure relocation, right from extensive planning and project management to actual relocation of IT equipment ensures smooth transitioning from one physical location to the other. The salient features that we follow during the relocation include:

  • Relocation Consulting Services
  • Relocation Planning and Timing the Strategies
  • Specialised Relocation security Edit
  • Controlled System Shutdown
  • Disconnection and Reconnection of Services
  • Data Reliability and Operations Continuity
  • Vendor Management