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    We provide our clients businesses with a spectrum of IT Software Development Services – expertly tailoring bespoke IT Software Solutions in the Cloud, Online and Mobile.

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    Mobile Development
    Web Development
    Bespoke CRM Development
    eCommerce Development

    Our Software Development Services

    Web Application Development

    Spectrum is a highly reputed Web Application Development company that offers comprehensive and advanced web application development services across a myriad of frameworks and technologies

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    Software Development

    Being a top-notch software application development company, we develop exhaustive database solutions for streamlining our clients business processes so they can manage their vital information effectively.

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    Bespoke CRM Software Development

    Our CRM application developers cater to the specific needs of your business, developing user friendly, innovative and scalable CRM Software solutions. Our custom CRM software development skills will benefit your business systems to save you time and make your company more money.

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    eCommerce Development

    Need help with your eCommerce store project? Our eCommerce website design and development services team will be delighted towork with you to develop a intuitive, dynamic eCommerce store with excellent features that perfectly meet your objectives.

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    Software Development Process

    Software Development Process
    • Requirement Understanding

      We follow industry standard methodologies and key technology features to develop the application according to your brief. We work closely with you on a consultative basis to ensure that we design IT solutions that perfectly meet with needs on time within budget.

    • Defining Solution

      Based on your requirements, we build solutions for you by applying our skills using key technologies and best-practice software development techniques applied by highly qualified IT software engineers.

    • User Experience

      Our design elements attract and retain user interest. Our solutions are always easy to use and navigate.

    • Development

      We follow industry standard methodologies and use key technologies to develop the features that you need for your business.

    • Implementation

      We follow a structured approach implementing your customised IT applications by integrating our work and system effectively withing your current organization workflow.

    • Post Implementation Support

      We always ensure that all of our applications run smoothly and that all of our clients get the best possible benefits from the application that we have developed and implemented for them. Our friendly IT Customer Support Team are highly responsive and always provide expert advice.


    Why Choose US?

    We delivery high quality solutions at a fair price.

    • Quick Onboarding
    • Timely Delivery of Projects
    • Applying Proven Methodologies
    • Thorough Testing of Application before going Live
    • Prompt After-Sales Support

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      Cover it all with Spectrum, an IT company in the UK

      Spectrum is a UK-based IT solutions and IT services company with a team of IT experts and engineers with a passion for fixing our clients IT issues.

      We specialise in managed IT, cyber compliance, software development, cloud solutions and more for small and medium companies all across the UK.

      Cyber compliance: IT solutions to get you fully protected

      Without a secure IT infrastructure and cybersecurity plan, you’re leaving yourself wide open to anyone or software with malicious intent. Spectrum is an IT services company that serves as your digital doctor and comes up with measures to protect your computer network and data from unauthorised access. We find all weaknesses with your enterprise systems, then develop treatment plans to fix them.  We provide ongoing monitoring to prevent issues from cropping up in the future. 

      Create the right software for your business with Spectrum

      Our IT Software expertise is second to none. Whether you want to build an add-on for your enterprise system on Azure, craft a new website or create a new mobile app for your business, we can deliver a custom solution that perfectly meets your business objectives.  We build customised IT software for our clients made with the properiatary technology stack that Spectrum has been nurturing for years.

      The network support company that supports you

      Don’t be stuck in the digital dark age. Inspect your data flows, network integrity, architecture stability and permission planning with our end-to-end network support services. Our team is on hand to help with any network issue, hardware maintenance, software installation and other tech cracks that may be costing tour organisation time and money.

      Cloud IT solutions for uninterrupted data availability

      Our IT agency cloud solutions offer a more secure, reliable and cost-effective alternative to hosting on an old school server. Our IT cloud solutions allow for storing your data in the cloud environment, which is super secure, heavily digitally encrypted, and monitored 24-7-365 for your complete peace of mind and security.

      Our IT cloud solutions can be optimised for your email delivery systems, telephony and all data systems and processes.

      Best practices for managed IT services

      Offload your routine IT software management, IT security, system management and other all other IT software and service management onto Spectrum to free up your time to focus on more critical business operations.

      We provide a highly personalised service with regular consultations via video and telephone calls to make sure you are receiving perfect IT Solutions and Services from us.

      So put all of your worries about IT aside now and Contact Us for a Free IT Consultation

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