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The Top 3 Security Threats To Your E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website

In 2016 alone online sales totalled in the region of over 150 billion euros, and more and more businesses are processing sales through online platforms so, as you can imagine, this figure is set to increase each year.

But as the e-commerce population rises, and with it the level of spending online, so does the temptation for cyber criminals. If your business trades online, it’s vital to have the correct security in place to ensure your e-commerce website isn’t vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Here are three of the biggest and most common threats to ecommerce platforms:

Using 3rd Party Web Components

It’s very common practice, if you don’t have a fully custom-built website, to be using third party web components for certain functions on your e-commerce platform. This is often the case with the shopping cart or checkout page. Whilst for the most part there are many trustworthy and reputable vendors for these types of components, they are still a target for cyber criminals. Hackers are known to seek out outdated editions of vulnerable software like this, because often the security weaknesses are publicised.

DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been around for quite some time, but their popularity among cyber criminals continues to grow. They essentially cause a website to crash by way of directing mass, simulated and simultaneous traffic toward it. They can be very difficult to prevent or deflect. Even if your own website does not become a DDoS target, another website that your business relies on could be hit. Any kind of downtime as a result of a DDoS attack could cost your business dearly.

Open Source Codes

Open source software and platforms are fantastic for businesses on a budget. However, due to their public and free nature, they are often lacking in security protocols, and these vulnerabilities are often shared on forums and other online communities. The code is completely open for anyone to see and manipulate, and this leads to obvious opportunity for security to be compromised.

Keeping Your E-Commerce Website Safe

It’s important that your security is pro-active, evolving and has disaster recovery procedures in place. At Spectrum Networks Solutions, we take security seriously and have all of the necessary experience, equipment and knowledge to make your IT systems and online activities as safe and secure as they can be. We have excellent Managed IT services available for businesses small and large, with flexible and scalable packages to suit your requirements and your current IT infrastructure. Get in touch with us today and let us take the worry of having an insecure e-commerce website off your shoulders- for good.

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