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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best platform for your business, whether it is a small start-up or a large enterprise as it offers both, cloud and on premise support, seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office, and an unlimited potential for customisation to fit in the unique needs of any business.

Spectrum Network Solutions is among the most reputed and quality focused Microsoft Dynamics CRM companies that offer customised CRM services to its clients in Milton Keynes and Buckingham, as well as Wembley, Park Royal and North London. With our Microsoft CRM services, we help you increase sales, attract more prospects and close deals much faster.

Our Microsoft CRM Offerings

Spectrum is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Company we help you improve customer relationships while enhancing the overall productivity by putting the right information and tools in the hands of your organisations’ service, marketing and sales professionals. At Spectrum, we offer task-specific and industry-oriented custom CRM tools and software solutions which allow you to easily integrate Microsoft CRM into your existing IT and application infrastructure.

Improve Your Sales with Microsoft CRM

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your sales team can:

  • Work more efficaciously with the help of intuitive and easy to use tools that automate and streamline the day to day sales process.
  • Achieve higher closure rates, shorter sales cycles and customer retention.
  • Work effectively across geographies, work groups and teams.

Achieve Better Marketing Results with Microsoft CRM

With Microsoft CRM, organisations can improve the efficiency of its marketing campaigns by leveraging the advanced tools which deliver insightful marketing analytics and segment the customers into the logical groups. Microsoft CRM enhances the comprehension of the marketing activities by facilitating data driven insights and aid in achieving a higher return on investment(ROI).

Enhance Your Customer Service with Microsoft CRM

In order to better serve your customers, you are required to provide them with relevant, effective and responsive services wherever and whenever they need on the device of their choice. Microsoft Dynamics CRM goes much beyond the resolution of customer complaints while providing insights using which customer service can be used and proactive steps can be taken.

More about Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Key Benefits – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • View Everything in 1 Interface
  • Process Driven
  • People Centric
  • Results Oriented
  • Connects Teams to a Single Unified Solution


  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Manager
  • Pipeline Forecasting
  •  Sales Automation
  • Quote Management
  •  Sales Goal Tracking


  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Event Management
  • Marketing ROI Analysis
  • Contact Profiling


  • Case Management
  • SLA Support
  • Account Management
  • Service Automation
  • Customer Portals
  • Contract Management

Makes Staff More Profitable – wherever they work

  • Stay Connected to CRM when away from the office
  • Cross Web-Browser Support on multiple devices
  • Free Mobile, iPad & Windows 8 Tablet Apps included with every CRM licence

Real-time Insight

  • Quickly create personalised views that dynamically list all the data you need to work with
  • Real-time reporting insight across all teams & CRM processes including servicing, sales & marketing

Easily interpret data using contextual charts & drill down for further analysis

  • Business Intelligence
  • Personalise CRM dashboards that monitor individual & team performance in real-time
  • Create individual CRM dashboards, or share team views with other users
  • Embed list views & charts in user-defined CRM dashboards

Improves Process Efficiency

  •  Automates Routine Tasks
  • Send automated customer emails when actions occur, e.g. confirmation messages when a new service case is created, updated & closed
  • Trigger automated team emails when important events happen, e.g. when a new high value opportunity is created, or if case is likely to breach the SLA
  • Integrates with external data sources to automate the flow of data and create a single customer view in CRM
  • Automated lead scoring & routing helps marketing teams identify the best campaign leads & automatically promote ‘sales ready’ prospects
  • Process Control & Stage Gating guides users, increases data quality and enforces your process rules

Seamless Outlook Integration

  • Emails are automatically attached to matching CRM records
  • Track emails with any CRM record including
  • See how each email is tracked in Dynamics CRM and click to open these records
  • Pin frequently viewed CRM lists to the Outlook bar & click to open each CRM record
  • Access CRM user modules & processes in Microsoft Outlook
  • Preview CRM record detail in Outlook & click to call with Lync or Skype

Adapts to Manage Any Relationship & Process

  • Asset Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Project Management
  • Partner Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Event Management
  • Virtually Any Other Relationship & Process

Integrates with Multiple Apps & Data Sources

  • with Accounting – access client order histories & financial details in Dynamics CRM & send completed orders for processing
  • with Marketing Automation – integrations include dotMailer & Click Dimensions to personalise emails, automate messages & track recipient actions in Dynamics CRM
  • with Websites – import new enquiry forms & create new lead records
  • with Web Tracking – identify which companies visit your website & track these clicks in CRM to uncover new prospects & increase online ROI
  • with Surveys – match customer satisfaction responses & other survey replies to CRM contact records
  • with Membership Databases – synchronising renewal dates & other member detail
  • Dynamics CRM integrates with many more applications & data sources

Choice of Deployment


  • CRM in the Cloud for just £40.50+VAT per user each month
  • New updates released prior to the on-premise edition
  • Including all CRM functions & 5GB data storage
  • 99.9% financially backed up-time Service Level Agreement
  • Disaster Recovery Service


  • Manage Dynamics CRM on your own server & within your firewalls
  • Full autonomy to apply CRM releases & updates
  • Requires purchase of server licence & Client Access Licences
  • Server & CALs include Microsoft software assurance – renewable every 3 years
  • No cloud CRM data storage limits

Scalable Database Architecture

  • Simple tools to configure CRM forms, views, reports, workflow & security
  • Supports Managed Solutions for Controlled Delivery
  • Scalable platform, minimal need for custom coding


Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps salespeople sell more effectively in this new era, where empowered customers have become more sophisticated and demanding. By providing the essential insights, guidance, and tools that today’s salespeople need, they can zero in on the right customers and priorities, win faster with personalised and relevant customer engagements, and sell more by collaborating with colleagues to harness the power of the entire organisation.

Zero In – Focus on the right customers and priorities, with insights derived from a comprehensive set of sources spanning internal sales data and external social and market data

Win Faster – Deliver flawless customer engagement with sales process guidance, mobile access to engage customers anytime anywhere, and ongoing social insights to proactively nurture relationships

Sell More – Close more deals by tapping into the collective wisdom of the entire organisation with enterprise social networking, collaboration, and communication tools

Key Capabilities

Planning & Management
Gain strategic advantage with real-time customer and competitive intelligence. Enhance visibility and enable better decision-making with sales reports, interactive charts, and dashboards. Drive toward desired outcomes with real-time, contextual guidance to align sales behaviour with best practices.

Account & Opportunity Management
Increase user adoption and reduce training costs with an intuitive, immersive, process-centric experience. Gain visibility into past and planned customer interactions and activities across marketing, sales and service. Increase sales rep adoption with CRM capabilities embedded inside Outlook.

Social & Market Insights
Give your sales team unprecedented social insights for relationship management, lead generation, and competitive advantage. Engage prospects with meaningful personal insights and connections that help you get to know what prospects are really thinking, as well as timely, market insights, such as funding news, company expansion, and employment change.

Collaborative Selling
Tap into the combined social intellect of your company, automatically create shared workspaces for leads, and co-edit proposals in real time. Allow sales reps to get connected to the right people, share information, and organise around deals by harnessing the power of Yammer and Skype.

Mobile Sales
Be more proactive by staying connected to customers anywhere anytime with popular mobile devices such as Windows phones and tablets, iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets. Touch-first mobile apps provide a consistent experience across PC, phone, and tablet, letting you update activities, contacts, and opportunities and get real-time insight on the metrics that matter most.

Sales Analytics
Analyze and get immediate insights across all your data with self-service BI. Gain instant visibility into your pipeline from anywhere, on any device. Empower your sales managers and sales reps to share insights and analyze the data they need with real-time sales reporting, flexible dashboards, and inline data visualisation.

Global Availability
Sales by Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in 130 markets and 44 languages.

Customer Service

  • Customer Service organisations are at the epicentre of their company’s ability to differentiate their brand. Dynamics CRM for Service enables companies to earn customers loyalty and advocacy for life by providing effortless, responsive and personalised service across all channels. Companies can connect with their customers via self and assisted service with the right answers to their service inquiries at the right time. Agents are empowered with a single, unified experience to deliver amazing customer experience with cross-channel context.
  • Because your customers get the service they want in the way that works best for them, you’ll be able to keep your customers loyal and transform them into advocates.
  • Provide effortless customer experiences on your customers’ terms by delivering proactive, contextual and connected experiences across self and assisted service on all touch points. Combine interaction context with your sources of information into a complete view of the customer.
  • Deliver powerful and proactive self-service experiences with customisable, mobile-friendly service and social support portals integrated with rich knowledge and deep analytics to drive article efficiency and insight on knowledge impact.
  • Leverage unmatched productivity, collaboration, guidance and knowledge in a unified experience to help agents deliver the right experience every time.
  • Understand sentiment, context, interaction history and process metrics in real-time to ensure that you’re adapting and responding on your customer’s terms.

Did you know…

  • 67% of customers use web self-service to find answers to their questions.
  • Happier agents are 2X as likely to deliver on your Customer Satisfaction metrics.
  • 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics Service Value Proposition

  • Earn Loyalty. Minimise customer effort with contextual and connected experiences across self and assisted service on all touch points.
  • Empower Agents. Empower agents with knowledge, guidance, collaboration and insight all within a unified experience.
  • Stay Agile. Quickly adapt to rapidly changing business and market demands through flexible processes, actionable analytics and powerful data visualisation capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics Service Key Capabilities

  • Multi-channel: Connect to customers via their channel of choice across web, social, chat, email, mobile and phone. Contextual interactions: Use real-time & historical data to deliver consistent and contextual interactions no matter what channel the customer chooses.
  • Voice of the customer: Gain critical insight using feedback & surveys that provide general sentiment, contextual feedback & transactional understanding.
  • Unified Service Desk: Reduce agent effort with a single, extensible application to handle all service interactions in a unified experience.
  • Case management: Manage cases faster – from desktop or mobile. Provide differentiated levels of support with entitlements and SLAs.
  • Mobile agent: Extend the reach of your contact centre across your organisation anywhere, anytime with Mobile case management capabilities.
  • Guided resolution: Leverage call scripting and automation to easily integrate and launch third-party applications for fast and accurate service resolution.
  • Branded experience: Create a consistent branded experience through configuration not code across all service portals from a single deployment.
  • Embedded self-service: Access to service from anywhere on a brand site or 3rd party site (community portal, kiosk or inside a game).
  • Mobile self-service: Instantly deliver real-time, personalised service on any mobile operating system & device.
  • Social self-service: Provide comprehensive self-service directly from your Facebook fan page.
  • Guided self-service: – Use EasyAnswer to provide type-ahead search and proactive article recommendation.
  • Unified and integrated knowledge: Leverage knowledge within CRM to deliver the right answers at the right time across all service channels from a single source of truth.
  • Multimedia knowledge: Provide rich media articles such as images, videos and real-time feeds.
  • Simple authoring and permissions: Easily publish knowledge from social channels, service interactions and subject matter experts.
  • Knowledge analytics: Drive article efficiency and understand how knowledge is being used.
  • Global sentiment analysis: Listen to your customers in 19 languages and analyze sentiment natively in 6 languages.
  • Collaboration: Leverage Yammer, Skype and Lync within CRM to instantly access support professionals and subject matter experts across internal and external teams.
  • Deepen customer insight: Identify up/cross-sell and service improvement opportunities by tracking and correlating customer satisfaction with service metrics across all channels.
  • Improve performance: Correlate agent activity and customer experience tracking data such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, First call resolution, cost per transaction, order value, and other data with specific interaction types.
  • Identify trends: Explore what-if scenario’s, and forecast outcomes by leveraging powerful tools such as Excel and PowerBI to generate reports, interactive charts and 3D geospatial visualisations.


Are you able to engage with customers efficiently across all channels of interaction?

  • Automated case creation from all channels and agent visibility to interaction history across all channels allows consistent cross-channel experiences.
  • Use contextual information to drive workflows, triggers and SLA’s to help ensure that interactions are handled on the right channel.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM captures contextual data in every interaction to give you a complete view of the customer journey.

Agent Empowerment

Do your agents have the tools they need to exceed customer expectations?

  • Unified Service Desk allows you to handle all service interactions from a single application and interface, use interactive call-scripts, integrate 3rd-party applications and automate common tasks to reduce effort and enhance efficiency.
  • Use guidance tools such as the process bar and call scripting to guide agents to the right resolution.
  • Use Yammer and activity feeds to automate notifications and updates and automate routing to other work teams based on case conditions, triggers and workflows.

Self Service

Are you able to able to provide personalised and effortless experiences on your self-service portals?

  • Provide a customisable online support portal that leverages an organised, searchable knowledgebase to deliver real-time updates and consistent answers.
  • Support multiple branded portals or deliver a unified experience across all your portals from a single deployment.
  • Maximise self-service adoption with “EasyAnswer” which provides type-ahead search and proactive article recommendation.


Are you able to deliver consistent and relevant knowledge regardless of channel?

  • Easily capture and publish knowledge articles from social channels, service interactions and subject matter experts.
  • Ensure that your articles are relevant by filtering by product association, SLA, and customer/account/transaction data.
  • Support even complex support requirements by leveraging knowledge articles that include images, videos and real-time blogs and feeds.
  • Use our knowledge analytics capabilities to identify most frequently asked questions, most searched terms, and most frequent failed searches.

Social Care

Are you able to engage with customers efficiently across all channels of interaction?

  • Gain deep insight to customer sentiment by listening in 19 languages and analyzing natively in 6 languages.
  • You can automatically create cases from social posts and leverage social information to determine workflow, routing and case prioritisation.
  • Deliver full support portal capabilities such as FAQs, knowledge articles and chat capabilities and route cases to agents right from Facebook.

Service Analytics – Are you able to easily identify trends and opportunities to improve performance?

  • Use fully customisable, interactive dashboards right within CRM to provide real-time views of key service metrics on the desktop or on a mobile device.
  • Use PowerBI to easily identify trends, explore what-if scenario’s, and forecast outcomes and generate reports, interactive charts and 3D geospatial visualisations.
  • Easily correlate agent activity and customer experience tracking track data such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, First call resolution and other data with specific interaction types then easily manage and share queries, visualisations, insights and data through collaborative BI sites.

Objection Handling

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is known for its flexible architecture and ease of integration. Many of our largest customers started with a pilot, often integrating Dynamics CRM with their systems, and eventually grew their deployment with minimal disruption to the business.
  • What is the cost of inaction? Refer back to the “Target Audience” section on page one to verify which problem is most pressing and offer to work with them to build a business case that outlines the costs of not doing anything.
  • We typically see deployments pay for themselves many times over. With CRM Online there is no large upfront investment – only a stable and low monthly fee.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

  • Modern and familiar UI increases adoption and productivity and guided process help agents resolve cases faster.
  • Common experience and single platform across sales, service, marketing and social.
  • Low TCO and flexible licensing options.
  • Embedded Insight and Analytics.
  • Deployment choice. (Cloud or local)

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