Network Security

Securing the networks is one of the most underlying requisites for any business as network based threats and risks have increased to a great extent. Thus, to ensure the protection of sensitive data and information, safeguarding the security of networks is more important than ever. Furthermore, the proliferation of mobile and smart computing devices, the network threats have augmented considerably.

Spectrum Network Solutions offers the most reliable and comprehensive Network Security Services to its clients Milton Keynes and Buckingham, as well as Wembley, Park Royal and North London. We offer an advanced spectrum of network security services with on-demand expertise, on-time and on-budget service delivery. By leveraging a proactive approach, we ensure that you are best equipped for your present and future network security needs.

IT Network Security – What we Offer?

Being a leading and world-class Network Security Company, Spectrum delivers contemporary and exhaustive network security services which focus on protecting the network infrastructure of your enterprise while reducing the complexity and cost.

Our network security offerings subsume:

  • Vulnerability scanning for all the network devices
  • Managed intrusion detection and proactive intrusion protection
  • DDoS Mitigation with round the clock protection against network based DDoS attacks
  • Penetration testing and protection against the encrypted attacks
  • Managed firewall installation to prevnt any unauthorized access
  • Advanced protection for ensuring data and information security and preventing security breaches
  • Ensuring confidentiality of vital data

Why Choose Us?

We are among the top notch IT Network Security Providers who completely safeguard your IT networks from any breaches, virus attacks or malicious scripts. We offer complete assessment and detailed reports pertaining to diverse network assets. Our assessment services include:

  • Overall system risk assessment
  • Comprehensive network analysis
  • Active Directory assessment
  • Periodic network security, health check-up
  • Network structure mapping
  • External vulnerability assessment
  • Implementing the network design and structural changes

Being an IT Network Security Company for Small Business and large enterprises, we offer unparalleled services and optimum security for your network’s infrastructure.