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Why Milton Keynes Is A Great Place For Business.

Milton Keynes Is A Great Place For Business

Milton Keynes is a fantastic place for businesses, but putting your finger on why is a little more than just the infrastructure and accessibility – here’s some stats on why so many businesses choose to base their operations in this fantastic Buckinghamshire town.

The Commute

Because of its central point between London, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge, Milton Keynes is ideal for commuters who need easy access to some of the most economically important cities in the UK, whilst also being able to take advantage of comparatively lower living costs.

There is also easy access for motorways/airports such as London Heathrow, London Luton, London Stansted and Birmingham and East Midlands airports.

The accessibility of Milton Keynes also works the other way – meaning 27 million units per annum. This may be potentially due to the Centre:MK’s 240 shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as a range of galleries, museums and the Xscape indoor ski slope.

Visitors also flock to the national bowl which boasts a concert and open-air facility with a capacity of 65,000 people. The Milton Keynes bowl has become renowned thanks to so many years of hosting some of the biggest acts around the world including Queen, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Green Day and David Bowie.

MK Demographics

While the most recent stats estimate there are over 248,000 people living in Milton Keynes, those figures are set to grow to more than 300,000 by 2026. This could mean that Milton Keynes becomes the highest growing city by population.

That population has statistically a higher proportion of younger people living locally compared to the rest of the UK, plus with notable local educational organisations such as Crownfield University and the Open Universitie’s headquarters based in the city, that younger population has an even greater oppportunitty to become part of the highly skilled workforce we need in the UK.

Attracting bigger businesses

Though it was an unusual concept at the time, Milton Keynes was desinged from scratch with business growth in mind. This ethos has brough thousands of businesses and business-friendly facilities of MK.

Distribution Centres play a large part in the MK business make up – having attracted big names from John Lewis to River Island. Add the notable headquarters of Mercedes-Benz, Network Rail and Domino’s Pizza and you can see why Milton Keynes has a reputation as a place for business and employment.

SMEs thrive too

While big businesses are the ones people notice, the quiet majority of small and medium-size enterprises are quietly working away (and often supporting those big businesses) with the added bonus of an innovative nature to the local business community. Is it any wonder why it’s one of the top ten places for new patents registered and a top location for startups in the UK.

Housing market and property

Milton Keynes core strategy has set its growth plans to deliver over 28,000 new homes and over 40,000 new jobs by 2026. This strategy has continued to support the strong house building statistics.

Invest in Milton Keynes says that means the “average house prices in Milton Keynes are lower than many of our neighbours, despite our ongoing success”

While land is available and supply is high this will help to continue to attract more people and businesses to MK long term.

If you’re thinking of moving your business to Milton Keynes, or you’re starting a new one, getting your infrastructure right from the start (just as the planners of Milton Keynes have) is essential. Talk to us for a free quote and free initial advice on the best solutions for your new office.

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