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What Is The Cloud?

What Is The Cloud?

So what exactly is “the cloud”?. When something is stored in the cloud, it essentially means it’s stored on internet servers instead of on your computer.

It’s like having an extra hard drive—one that you can access anywhere and anytime you’re connected to the internet. In the past, you only had a home computer and the software you installed on it. Now you can take your files anywhere thanks to cloud solutions, or web apps, which run inside your internet browser.

Whether you’re working in retail, or real estate with financial data or photos your business depends on Applications that run reliably and securely at costs that scales with your needs.

A web app that you may already use is Google Docs. It’s free, you don’t have to install anything to use it, and it allows you to create several different types of projects. You can access everything that you create in Google Docs from any computer or device with an internet connection. Since you only need a connected device to access the cloud, you can take your music, photos, and videos with you wherever you go.

For instance, if you take a photo on your smartphone and upload it to a cloud-based photo storage service like Flickr or Picasa, you can access that photo on any of your other devices, on your computer, or even on your TV. You can share your vacation photos with friends and family while you’re still on vacation. With your photos and other multimedia stored in the cloud, you’ll never have to worry about losing them to a computer malfunction ever again.

Storing files in the cloud is a great way to protect your important files from accidents, viruses, and more. You can use cloud-based storage services to back up the contents of your computer. These services run continually and back up automatically, so you will always have the most recent versions of your files stored in secure online servers. If something bad happens to your computer, you can easily transfer your backup files from your storage service to another device.

If your business requires it, the Cloud allows you not just to store large amounts of data on remote servers, but it also allows you to deploy very advanced computing algorithms and the ability to do high performance computing using machines that you physically don’t own yourself.

So, what are you waiting for?

No matter how you use your computer, tablet, or smartphone, the cloud has something to offer you.

Whether it’s checking your email when you’re travelling, backing up the photos and music that you love, or using web apps to work in different locations, the cloud can—and already is—making your life, and the technology in it, more manageable.

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