4 Advantages of Managed IT vs In-House

It can be common practice for businesses to hire an in-house technician to manage their network and IT infrastructure – but is it really the best option for your business to do so? A dedicated in-house IT technician can be an unnecessary expense and you can often times find your personnel having little to do in general day-to-day tasks and only called into action when technical faults or disasters strike. We may be tooting our own horns a little, but we highly recommend managed IT services for any small and medium sized businesses looking for the best of both worlds – high quality IT support at the most cost effective rates. Unconvinced? Here are 4 advantages of Managed IT over in-house:


It’s safe to assume that a dedicated in-house IT technician would be restricted to a work schedule, 9-5 for example. But what about if something goes wrong with your IT systems out of these hours? It may be that your IT technician wouldn’t approve of being woken up at midnight for emergency repairs! However, with managed IT, we fully expect and are ready for emergencies that occur outside of the traditional 9-5 hours. We know that time is precious and downtime can mean a loss of revenue for your business, so we pride ourselves in fixing any issues and getting your systems back up and running in the quickest time possible. What’s better; with our Managed IT these types of disasters are rarer as we’re constantly monitoring and correcting problems before they occur.


At first it may seem appealing to hire an in-house technician because of the low hourly-rate in comparison to managed IT. However, it’s important to factor in the additional costs of the hiring process, training, bonuses and other financials. These additional costs can hinder other aspects of your business and your IT systems which can result in missing important upgrades and opportunities. However, with Managed IT services, your costs are fixed and agreed upon, usually as a monthly budget. This makes the service extremely good value for money and gives you immediate access to highly trained specialists in the field.

Ongoing Training

If you have a dedicated in-house technician, you’ll often find times that they will be out of the office for extended periods of time for training in order to keep up with the rapid evolution of technologies. Not only does this result in their resource being unavailable, it is, as mentioned previously, another additional cost on top of their salary for mileage and certification. However, with Managed IT services such as Spectrum Networks Solutions, all training is taken at our own expense, and we’ll always have a technician available and on hand.


For the majority of employees, a higher salary is their long term goal and it can often result in job-hopping in order to achieve their goal. An in-house technician may well leave at the first opportunity for a higher salary, having already leveraged any training your business has paid for.  In these modern times, switching jobs regularly is expected, with an average of only 3 years in each position. It’s safe to assume that 3 years of service is a poor ROI considering the investment your business will have made in a salaried technician. However, our goals are clear and simple – we aim and pride ourselves in keeping you a happy customer for as long as we can, thus providing you with the highest level of service possible at all times.

Of course, it comes down to your particular business and requirements and the balance you need between expertise and profitability. With our Managed IT Services, you’re securing availability, ever-increasing expertise and commitment to the success of your business.

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