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Ebay Store design

We provide a fully tailored design service and will work with you to achieve an outstanding finished design. From the initial brief, right through to the design visuals sign-off, our design team will work with you to ensure you are happy every step of the way. See your eBay sales improve with our eBay store design services

Features include:

Rotating banners are an extremely effective way to divert your visitors’ attention to a selection of sales driven adverts. You can highlight multiple promotions at once as they rotate through a smooth transition display

Use key placeholders to promote and upsell your best-selling categories. We can enable dynamic sub-category breakdowns giving your customers easy access to deep links within your store.

Upsell your best selling products, or display your latest arrivals. Take advantage of our highly configurative featured product boxes giving you the control you need to push for new sales.

Creative Ebay Listing design
All of our listing designs have the customers’ usability in mind. We ensure the layout is easy to read and understand resulting in higher conversion rates than your competitors

Responsive Ebay Listing
A responsive design makes your eBay listing viewable on any device, through any size screen. Whereas customers were once taken to a separate mobile app which had limited accessibility, responsive design means key features are clearly displayed regardless of how you are viewing it. We make sure your eBay listings get the best out of handheld device usability, enabling you to maximise potential sales through strategically placed products and promotions.

Search & Navigation Structuring your navigation plays an important role in how customers find your products. Our navigation features combined with advanced search provides a robust solution to easy conversions.

Search Features
Our search technology works directly with eBay’s own search platform to provide the most comprehensive results possible. We do however have some advancements of our own including a fully dynamic search suggestion module which allows you to control the sorting by best sellers, quantity available or even price.

Drop-down menus
Provide your customers with clean and easy to use navigation. Featuring a fully functional and dynamic three level mega menu loaded with best sellers, new arrivals or even filters to provide an even more refined navigation experience.

3rd Party Mailing List Integrations eBay’s own mailing list solution is limited and restricts your marketing to specific dynamically generated templates with little control or messaging. We can enable integration into 3rd party mailing lists to ensure you can promote and market to your customers more effectively.

Layout Choices
Choose from a wide range of layouts to suit your product needs