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Microsoft Surface Duo Review


Mobile productivity, powered by two screens

Open two screens and discover a better way to get things done. View two apps at once or span one across both screens, drag and drop between screens*, and say goodbye to constant app switching.

Two Screens. One Great Decision. Microsoft Surface Duo Review. A new way to get things done.

With Microsoft Surface Duo Review, two screens are better than one. This innovative reinvention of the mobile 2-in-1 has arrived, ready to redefine the way people work in a variety of environments, from home offices to hospitals, skyscrapers to shop floors.

Thin, light and versatile, the pocket-sized Surface Duo benefits from multiple modes, including book, tent and laptop mode, while packing the best features from Microsoft and Android together into one easy to use, multi-function mobile device.

  • Mobile productivity

    Find your focus. Open and view different apps on each screen to easily reference and compare content. Say goodbye to constant app switching on your mobile device.

  • Open two screens and discover a better way to get things done

    Drag, drop and go.* Effortlessly move images, text, files, and more between screens so you can get things done quicker.

  • Apps built for two screens

    Apps built for two screens. Dualscreen enhanced apps respond to you and magically reorient to make the best use of both screens.

  • Pair and launch any two apps simultaneously

    Unique to Surface Duo. Pair and launch any two apps simultaneously, each on its own full screen. It’s completely custom to you.

Microsoft Surface Duo Review

Enterprise-level security from chip to cloud

Surface Duo has protection built in at every layer with deeply integrated hardware, firmware, and software to keep your devices, identities, and data secure.

  • Microsoft custom engineered UEFI firmware.
  • Verified Boot ensures system software is not compromised.
  • Custom fingerprint sensor for Enterprise-grade biometric security
  • Hardware-assisted encryption to protect data in transit and at rest.
  • Apps run in isolated sandboxes to prevent compromises.
  • Google Play Protect actively scans apps for malware.
  • Network traffic protected by TLS and VPN.
  • Management configurations to separate work and personal data and secure the device.
Microsoft Surface Duo Price

Flexibility to do more

From Book to Compose to Tent mode, Surface Duo adapts to you. With multiple modes and dual-screen enhaced apps, get things done easily – it’s a new way to be productive on the go.

Microsoft Surface Duo Review
Microsoft Surface Duo Price
Microsoft Surface Duo Review
Microsoft Surface Duo Price

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