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It’s Time For An IT Audit When…

IT Audit

It’s difficult to conduct business these days without having a degree of reliance on IT systems and practices for your day-to-day operations. Unfortunately it’s also easy to become complacent when it comes to keeping your IT systems up-to-date and operating with the utmost efficiency, if you don’t have a dedicated IT support team.

It’s a general recommendation that you give your business hardware a refresh every 3-5 years, but more often than not small businesses will continue to use their IT systems for even longer than this. In this day and age, computer systems are improving rapidly, and it’s amazing how much a new computer will do for productivity.

If there are any signs of potential vulnerabilities in your IT network security or infrastructure, indicators of inefficiency in IT asset management then it’s probably time for an IT audit.

What is an IT Audit?

In a nutshell an IT audit is “the examination and evaluation of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies and operations.” This usually includes a full assessment of hardware, software and the general technical environment and even IT personnel.

When is the best time for an IT Audit?

Many companies conduct IT audits as part of a regular schedule, usually in conjunction with their financial audits. However they can also be performed as a selective audit whenever they are deemed necessary. There are plenty of circumstances when an ad-hoc IT Audit is necessary:

Inadequate Security

If you’re insure of how secure your IT systems are or are suspicious of its security, an audit is one of the best ways to determine vulnerabilities and putting them right by way of updates to software and hardware. IT audit services can help determine if there are vulnerabilities to your system that could create pathways for data loss, leakage, or tampering.

Checking For Compliance

Particularly with the introduction of GDPR, maintaining compliance with laws or policies is on every businesses minds. An IT Audit can assist you in determining if your business is compliant with these policies, and if it isn’t, make recommendations of where you can improve your IT practices, security or hardware to achieve an acceptable level of compliance.


It’s important for your IT budget to remain dynamic and chance with the economic landscape of the company. It’s all too easy for unnecessary software or hardware subscriptions to go unnoticed whilst cuts are being made in other areas of the business. An IT audit can help identify where budget cuts can be made whilst maintaining efficiency and operations.

Does Your Business Need an IT Audit?

At Spectrum Networks Solutions, we’ve got you covered. We have the knowledge and experience to conduct accurate, efficient IT audits and not only advise you of where your infrastructure can improve, but how and we can even supply you with the necessary hardware or managed IT services. Let us make your IT systems as good as they can be!

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