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Hosted Email Explained

Hosted Email Explained

Hosted Email uses cloud technology to provide an efficient email service in the cloud thereby removing the need for on-site server hardware and associated management. With Hosted email all you need is internet access and a suitable device to access your email account via the Hosted platform.

If you don’t use email in your business, it’s safe to say you’re in the minority. It is currently estimated that 294 billion emails are sent every single day from nearly 3.9 billion email accounts.

100 billion of those are classed as business grade emails, and those are emails from hosted mail accounts.

76% of all worldwide email accounts are free. These are classed as consumer accounts. According to The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, hosted email accounts currently stand at 929 million and growing at a rate of 5% per year.

But why should you pay for your email? After all isn’t email free?

Yes it can be free to you, but somebody has to pay for the service.

Maybe you receive a lower level of service than you should? At the height of the Conficker virus in 2010 it was stated that up to 20% of all traffic to free email services was dropped due to the load on their systems. These emails could have contained lucrative orders or important business information for you.

Maybe you’re concerned about privacy? In the past couple of years Google faced a law suit against their right to access and read all emails sent to or received by their 425 million users. The practice, something Google has done nearly since the launch of its email service, allowed the company to digest the contents of email messages and use them to deliver targeted ads within Gmail itself.

Hosted email, no matter if it’s on your premises or in the cloud, have guarantees attached to them. From their uptime, that’s how often they are available through to privacy, encryption and even where your data is stored. Maybe you work in an industry where you can only have your data stored within the UK or Europe? That level of service is available with hosted email.

Hosted Exchange gives you the opportunity to build on your customer service by enabling you to contact, collaborate and share data wherever you are whenever you need to. You are no longer tied to your desk! By switching to Hosted Email there are no limits to when or where you work meaning no matter where you or your employees are you retain productivity levels and ensure business continuity.

There are numerous benefits from hosted email that can be easily tailored to how you use it. These include, amongst others, remote working, mobile access or collaboration.

The underlying question you need to ask, is email important to you and your business?

If the answer is yes, then your business could benefit from what hosted email could bring to you and we’d love to discuss the various Hosted email solutions we can offer.

If not, you take the risk as to what ‘free email’ actually provides.

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